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TinyGuru's sole mission is to be the absolute best place for girls to learn, grow, and thrive. 

We started with the mission to teach girls financial literacy concepts. It has grown into so much more now. A true education doesn't judge give you technical tools - it gives you the mental growth you need to use them. 

In that spirit, we are embracing a shifting paradigm in education and integrating technical finance knowledge and personal development concepts into one curriculum that transforms, not just teaches. Most importantly - it tackles the issues unique to girls that affect their decisions, successes and failures for the reset of their life. We are here to give them an unbelievable advantage.

Everything we do is based on these core areas of focus:
  • Financial Literacy
  • ​Critical Thinking
  • ​Self-Discipline
  • ​Entrepreneurship
  • Confidence
  • ​ Goal-Setting
  • ​ Leadership
  • ​ Work Ethic  
For all of us, there is truly limitless opportunity, and limitless potential - but you have to learn how to see it, how to believe it, and how to get there. This is definitely not being taught in traditional education, even though it is the crucial piece (really, the secret) of true success.  
The undeniable truth is that the future is shifting for our daughters.  
It’s not enough anymore to just get good grades, go to college, find the secure job.    
There is SO MUCH MORE they have to learn. If you're not talking to your daughter about money and wealth creation, you are leaving it up to social media and pop culture to set the example for her - and nothing good is coming from that. 
When you're an adult you have to rewire your brain and your mindset for success and it's hard to do. But kids don't need to be rewired - they just need to be wired right the first time! They have the luxury of giving this beautiful new way of thinking time to really take.  
We are here to help you do the hardest job in the world. Let us make your life a little easier and your daughter's life better by helping her become a well-rounded tiny guru, equipped for real success in the real world.  
Equip her with the knowledge she REALLY needs to not only excel, but to forge new paths and accomplish the extraordinary.  
how do our courses work?
Online Learning 
At Their Fingertips
Our courses deliver fun, high-quality instruction with live trainings that you can view whenever you want. Each week, there are challenges and activities that make complicated finance topics easy to understand!

More than that, everything we do focuses on empowering girls with not just knowledge, but personal growth. She needs tools to succeed, but also confidence, determination, and vision. 
We can do that.
You can follow along with your child or let them take the wheel - either way, you will have access to all materials for life.  
6 Weeks of Live, 
Virtual Instruction
Immersive learning means learning that lasts. Learning that changes how she thinks and the decisions she makes. That is our focus above all - to ignite her mind in a new way, and inspire her to dream.   

Our class cohorts are intentionally small to allow for personalized attention and the customization of content to each tiny guru enrolled. She has our full focus.  
Virtual learning also means convenience for you as the parent - and one less place to chauffeur. Either log in to the membership area and participate live, or rewatch with pen and paper handy later.

Activities, Challenges, and Ongoing Learning
When the 6 weeks is over, the fun doesn't stop! There is continued support, learning, and opportunities as their understanding and curiosity grows and evolves.
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Millionaire Habits Academy 
6 weeks of immersive learning in a group environment starts soon! This one of a kind course for girls 5 and up will cover financial literacy topics - from money basics to investments - through the lens of empowerment, confidence, and a million dollar mindset. Girls need more than the technical pieces - they need the encouragement to take bold leaps, believe in themselves fully, and strive for a level of success that most people simply don't dream of.

Age groups will be split into 3 groups and the girls will learn, interact, laugh, and challenge one another. We guarantee that they will finish as a more inspired, focused, and confident version of themselves - ready to take on the world.

Enrollment is very limited so we can focus on each girl's individual development, and closes August 25th - and the first 10 girls to enroll get an unbelievable bonus for the biggest leap forward immediately!! I'm insanely excited to run this program, and see what these girls accomplish now and going forward!

Teach them what they need to know - Give them the advantage - Create an empowered tiny Guru. All the details and sign up below - see you inside. 
Millionaire Habits Course Starts June 25th!


Over 6 weeks, this program covers money and finance, while weaving in self-development and habit formation to exact powerful, lasting learning. If the underlying beliefs about money aren't addressed and taught holistically, there can't be a real shift in thinking that lasts a lifetime. 

We can have all the best of intentions and know what we should do, but still make the wrong decision. This is the mindset piece; these are the underlying beliefs and habits that sabotage our best efforts.THAT is what our Millionaire Habits Series is all about – starting with the core knowledge of how money works, how we earn it, how we invest it, along with also understanding what causes us to overspend and under save, what causes us to make bad financial decisions even for the percentage of people that are educated in personal finance. 

We have to see that experiences earlier in life, EVEN ONES WE ARE NOT AWARE OF REMEMBERING OR AWARE WERE A SIGNIFICANT EVENT FOR US, are working overtime on our subconscious to make us feel unworthy or inferior, to make us tell ourselves that we “deserve it” or that we just don’t care to make the right decision, right now. 

So MANY of these mindset pieces are set in childhood – believe it or not, by the age of 7!!!! The time to program the right behaviors and the right understanding is right now. And it is never too early. Imagine where we would be if we knew everything we knew about money right now decades ago. How different would your life be? What would it look like to have saved for an extra 20 years or to not have ever taken on the student loan debt or credit card debt? How would it feel to be financially free, and not at 60, but right now?! Free to do what you wanted, travel where you wanted, and experience a life free from the burden of financial stress.  

That is the gift you give your children when you open them up to another world of knowledge, another way of thinking and possibilities….. because they are absolutely NOT going to get it in school. The one personal finance they may get in high school is too little and way too late. This is the greatest gift we give our kids as parents – a limitless life of freedom.  

Students leave with not only more knowledge, but a completely shifted viewpoint on success. Parents can be as involved as they want to help teach and implement the lessons – there will be parent lessons as well so you can discuss each topic with your kids at home. After the course, we provide ongoing support for questions and ongoing learning opportunities via email.   
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