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Ignite a love of finance, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and mindfulness that transforms and develops the whole child.
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The future is shifting for our daughters. 

The factors that will determine success in this new world are rare, valuable, and most importantly, teachable

Girls have every possible opportunity to thrive and create the future they want, with ease - if they are given the right tools. Chances are they are NOT being taught what they need to be at school. Memorization of every president and algebraic rule works well for testing and grades and college applications, but serves little purpose in the realities of adult life. 

We are embracing a shifting paradigm in education and integrating core values and skills into one curriculum that weaves them together in a way that transforms, not just teaches. 

We are here to help you do the hardest job in the world and raise well-rounded tiny gurus, equipped for real success in the real world
Equip them the knowledge they REALLY need to not only excel, but to forge new paths and accomplish the unimaginable.  Everything we do is based on these core areas of focus:
  • Financial Literacy
  •  Critical Thinking
  •  Self-Discipline
  •  Critical Thinking
  •  Vision
  •  Goal-Achievement 
  •  Self-Discipline 
  •  Leadership 
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6 Weeks of Live, Virtual Learning
Immersive learning means learning that lasts. Learning that changes how she thinks and the decisions she makes. 

Our class cohorts are intentionally small to allow for personalized attention and the customization of content to each tiny guru enrolled. She has our full focus.
Activities, Challenges, and Ongoing Learning
Our courses run with live trainings and additional challenges, activities, and immediate implementation. When the 6 weeks is over, the fun doesn't stop!
There is continued support, learning, and opportunities as their understanding and curiosity grows and evolves.
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